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Dishang group “No change & Change” to open the future door
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On November 1th, at the 2017 China Clothing Conference in Wuhan, the statement by Mr. Zhu Lihua of Dishang Group won the round of applause.

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In the gathering national famous garment enterprises, aims to explore the future development direction of Chinese garment industry conference, “technology-driven” “culture lead” “capital assign “

“cloud synergy” new concept like stinging thunder, shocked the traditional nerves, also refresh the people’s knowledge about the future.

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    At the conference, Mr. Zhu made a statement entitled “Intelligent  transformation of the synergy of the end cloud”. He said that big date, cloud computing, platform, intelligent manufacturing, internet of things and so on have pushed the garment industry into a new era of networking, digitization and intellectualization. The synergy of the end cloud is essentially the unbounded synergy between the internet and the value network thinking. The realization of cloud synergy is one of the ways to promote the intelligent transformation of China’s garment industry at this stage. 

China’s garment industry should keep up with the trend of the times, uphold the principle of highly specialized division of labor cooperation, hope by the national association of leading, take lead  by the industry in various fields of enterprises, joint effort to build an integrated whole industry resources of national ecological cloud platform system of Chinese clothing industry intelligence, embody and carry the value of China’s  garment industry network, for industrial customers with the greatest value and optimal service.

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These trendy concepts of “networking” and “digitization” are hot today, but they need a solid core to generate tangible value. When comes to this point, Mr. Zhu said, the core of Dishang’s success is focus, professionalism and persistence.  For more than two decades, we ‘ve done one thing: make clothes, focus on the supply chain, and stick to a professional path. Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. In the future cloud collaborative ecosystem, the high specialization of every member enterprise is the core foundation, which has the division of labor and cooperation, which is the ecology! Each enterprise, based on their own characteristics, is able to achieve perfection, expertise , depth , focus and resource to do well in the company business and maximize its own value. Thus the integration of the ecological cloud, the value network has the greatest value and efficiency.