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Dishang Group elected a new party committee
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On Dec.15th, 2017, the group party members’ general assembly was held ceremoniously, and elected a new party committee member and discipline committee member.


When the meeting began, the party members to sing the national anthem


Mr.Zhulihua, chairman of the party committee ad chairman of the group , did the work report.

Mr. Zhu said in the report, under the last  leadership of the party committee, the group has a global layout, Leading the Chinese clothing manufacturing into the global value chain, comprehensively promoting the international competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing; At the same time, in response to the national One Belt And One Road construction call, go abroad, building the factories in the first stop of maritime silk road in southeast Asia countries; In addition, we have also carried out a work on poverty alleviation. We have built factories in poor areas such as southwest China and Guizhou, resettled rural surplus labor, and brought jobs to help local people out of poverty and get rich.  Take on the red education base construction of party members, to carry forward the great spirit of the Chinese nation; Hold the national fashion design competition, model competition and other activities to creating a fashion & creative city; Set up the National Fabric Hall, National Costume Design Center, supply chain resource platform, and the create a textile public inspection platform, all these will contribute to the overall development of China's garment industry. We will actively take advantage of new technologies, new industries, new business models and new models to promote industrial wisdom, smart industrialization, cross-border integration and high-end brands, be a model for old & new kinetic energy transformation. In 2017, the group has won a number of honorary qualifications, including National Industrial Design Center, National Double-Innovation Demonstration Base, and Provincial Governor's Quality Award.

The general assembly has elected a new party committee member in strict accordance with the rules and procedures, including five members of the party committee: Zhu lihua, Lliu yonggang, Sun chongtao, Li shuli and Zhang chengyu; Members of the discipline inspection commission: Congning, Li shuli and Chu caihong


The party members fill in the ballot carefully



Vote for all party members


Statistics votes


Announce the results of the election

Dishang Group new party committee will firmly grasp the new era of party construction general requirements, firmly implement the party’s political line, strictly abide by the political discipline and rules, in politics, the political orientation, political principle, political road highly consistent with the CPC central committee. Led the group all staff to implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Spirit, around the Five Overall Layout & the Four Comprehensive Strategic layout, to improve enterprise innovation ability and level, to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects.